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This is me.

Welcome to my blog otherwise known as ros.rants! I like to rant, so here are all my rants regarding film, TV, books, podcasts, maybe even politics. Enjoy! (Please comment your thoughts on the issues I bring up or on my writing! I would love to see what your opinions are, whether we agree or disagree.)

My official website with my portfolio is: https://roswang.wixsite.com/ruzhi-ros

However, since WordPress is still the best blog website out there that can connect all bloggers together, so I have decided to leave my blog page here on WordPress. I initially started out writing a few pieces on WordPress but decided to make a portfolio as I am a 13-year experienced Chinese Calligraphy Artist. All the links and buttons should be easy to follow, but please leave a comment below if you experience any difficulty.

I am currently pursuing a career in film and television; however, graphic design and art have always been an integral part of my life, which is why I am open to all opportunities in film, television, graphic design, and calligraphy.

Please hover above Blog on the top of the page to see the categories this page is divided into. I love sharing some cool stuff I read or watched online or in hardcopy, so sometimes I’d just post about that or tweet about it on Twitter, so be sure to check those out! There are a total of 6 sections: original content (my own writings or maybe even poems if I’m feeling hipster-like that day), films, TV, books, podcasts, music. Click on whatever you’re interested in!



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