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Welcome to my blog! Before, this was more of a space for me to rant and write. But I have now changed the format so it is more screenplay-driven because I love scripts! Under Script Coverage, you can find scripts I love as well as what inspired the script/film because the fastest way to learn how to write or to learn about films is to go down the rabbit hole of inspirations. Under Original Content, you can find an array of original writings from me – poems, screenplays, stories, etc. Under Blog, you can find all my rants or reviews on film, TV, books, music, podcasts, and maybe even politics. Under Her Campus, you can find all the articles I’ve written for them. Under Archive, you can find my older writings that are pretty useless haha but I wanted to keep that around because it’s pretty fun when you look back on your old writing and just laugh at how horrible they were. Enjoy! (Please comment your thoughts on the issues I bring up or on my writing! I would love to see what your opinions are, whether we agree or disagree.)

Aside from writing, I also practice Chinese Calligraphy and other forms of calligraphy (I’ve been doing this for 13 years now).

My portfolio is: https://roswang.wixsite.com/ruzhi-ros

However, since WordPress is still the best blog website out there that can connect all bloggers together, so I have decided to leave my blog page here on WordPress. I initially started out writing a few pieces on WordPress but decided to make a portfolio. All the links and buttons should be easy to follow, but please leave a comment below if you experience any difficulty.

I am currently pursuing a writing and producing career in film and television; however, graphic design and art have always been an integral part of my life, which is why I am open to all opportunities in film, television, graphic design, and calligraphy.

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